Tuesday, 23 July 2013

National Marine Fortnight is approaching (27 Jul - 11 Aug)

Joan Edwards, The Wildlife Trusts’ Head of Living Seas, said:  “Many people see the sea simply as a huge expanse of water, but under the surface lie habitats every bit as varied as those on land – kelp forests, seagrass meadows, mud plains, rocky reefs, deep-water corals and more. These richly varied habitats support thousands of plants and animals, from sea horses to basking sharks.”

The Big Watch Weekend is a landmark whale and dolphin data collection event on Sat 27 and Sun 28 Jul.  It is the biggest event of its kind to take place along the North Sea coast.  Coastal watches take place to collect vital information about whales and dolphins in this area.  Experts from wildlife and conservation charities, including North Sea Wildlife Trusts, Sea Watch Foundation, MarineLife and ORCA will lead public watches throughout the weekend. Volunteers can set up their own whale watch or join one of the organised watches taking place across the region.  
                                                                             Sea Otter

“We want this year’s National Marine Week to be very much a celebration of the wonderfully varied wildlife we have in our seas.  We want to inspire people to find more to enjoy, more to learn and more to value in the fantastic marine life around our shores,” said Joan Edwards.

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